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Writing a Postcard

Most of y’all know that I submit regularly to the “Postcards” series from Raconteur Press. For those aren’t aware, it’s an open submission call that happens from time to time whenever the gang go to a convention. They send an AI generated image to anybody who asks, and you must write a story of precisely 50 words, no more, no less, inspired by the image. You only have until the Monday after the con to submit the story, so there’s a time pressure added to the word count. It’s a fun challenge, and I’ve made the cut for two of the four volumes.

I thought I’d share my process for any of you that are interested. (BUYER BEWARE: This story did NOT make the cut.)

Hello 2023!

I do believe in setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year. It gives me a focus for the year and a way to measure my progress. There is a difference between a resolution and a goal that most people tend to miss. A goal is a concrete achievement. It’s very specific. One of […]

2022 in Review

It’s been an interesting year. Today is Dec 31, 2022 and for me, it’s a day to look backwards to see where I’m coming from and where I’ve been. I assess the things that worked, the things that didn’t, and use that to lay out my goals and resolutions for the coming year. 2022, was […]

Crow Moon by Cedar Sanderson

.Crow Moon is a collection of eight short fantasy tales by writer, editor, artist, publisher, and lord knows what else Cedar Sanderson. Sanderson, who did the art for the cover, also produced artwork for each of the stories. something that set this book apart, and made it worthwhile to purchase a physical copy instead of […]

Weekly Update

First of all, do you like the new digs? If you’re reading this via the link on Facebook, awesome! Welcome to my website. I plan on moving more and more of my posts over here. I’ll post links on Facebook back to here, but I prefer doing mjost of my longer posts fropm here. There’s […]

David Carrico: The Blood is the Life

So what happens when a nice Jewish boy becomes a vampire? First of all, if you’re Orthodox, like Chaim Caan, you have an immediate problem. Consuming blood is forbidden. He reaches out to a Rabbi who connects him to an organization that can help him. And use his new abilities. What struck me most about […]

My 2 Cents

I’m not getting political.

On the other hand, I can write on the forces behind our political division and give my opinion on causes and potential solutions. This might still be too much for some folks, and that’s okay. My right to speak freely in no way obligates anybody else to listen.