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Welcome to my Worlds!

Excuse me while I whip this site into shape. I’m a writer by trade, mostly non-fiction and technical writing, but I’m branching out into fiction, and that means I need to build a place where people can find my books.

But I do more than just write. As Tommy Smothers said, “My mind has many faucets.” I’m a photographer, a singer and voice over/announcer, a woodworker, a traveler and hiker, and so many other things. My plan is to make this the central hub of my web presence.


I have just started my fiction writing career. Like many folks, I have had stories rattling in my brain for years. But last year, at the urging of a publisher, I wrote, finished and submitted my first story.

It sold!

So I immediately submitted a second story, which was rejected.

But I was hooked, and storytelling is now a major part of my life, and I will be sharing all of that with you.


I started taking pictures professionally for the local paper as a sports stringer. I then began taking astronomy pictures, which led me into post processing, and I began to learn how to take a snapshot and turn it into something more.

Now I’m taking what I learned and using it to document our travels, and I’ll be sharing all of these photos with you.


I make things:

  • Knit and crochet. I taught myself in the Navy to pass the time at sea.
  • Turn pens and other objects on a lathe.
  • Build furniture and the occasional musical instrument.
  • Create things on a 3D printer
  • Build models.


  • Voice Over
  • Public Address
  • Singer
  • Instructor

HAM Radio

Call sign KO4LNC here. I got my Technician ticket in April of last year, my General a few weeks later, then picked up my Extra at the Huntsville HAMFest. I’ve spent most of my time on the HF bands, split evenly between SSB phono and FT8 digital modes. Now I’m experimenting on integrating Raspberry Pi’s into my shack while building a portable rig for the RV.

Social Media

I will be on Facebook and YouTube soon, and will maintain my spots on MeWe and LinkedIn, but I want this to be the primary source for all things relating to my creative endeavors. I have a ton of hobbies, from HAM radio to knitting and more. You can expect to learn more about them as I do.

In short (way too late) I have plenty of content to fill these pages.

But right now, I still have some more housekeeping to do, so please be patient as I finish construction, wipe down the dust, and make this place a bit more presentable.

Oh, feel free to check in every few days. I plan on growing the site a bit each day, adding pages, posts, and other things.

You never know what you might find next.

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Proud member of Team “And More!” My first professional sale!

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