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New FeatureI’m adding a new feature to the blog. It’s a new category called “My 2 Cents.”

I’ve been an opinion blogger off and on since 2002. I started on Blogspot, then migrated to a shared host and Expression Engine, then to WordPress. The rise of social media put a huge crimp in my style of blogging as most people became enamored with 140-character tweets, and I posted long form essays.

I adapted and learned to condense my thoughts and posted mostly on Facebook.

Then social media went south. I’m not going to get into that whole mess; there are strong feelings on both sides and no matter what I say, nobody will change their minds on it now. So, I pretty much abandoned social media and blogging.

But things are changing. There is a possibility that a free exchange of ideas may be coming back to social media, which would be an awesome thing. That, plus my efforts to market my writing, means I have engaged with social media once again. But with a few caveats.

I’m not getting political. Again, there’s little to no chance that something I write will cause somebody else to change their mind. At most, I’ll just piss them off, and who needs that?

On the other hand, I can write on the forces behind our political division and give my opinion on causes and potential solutions. This might still be too much for some folks, and that’s okay. My right to speak freely in no way obligates anybody else to listen. If you don’t want to read these posts, then skip over them and focus on the writing related ones.

You won’t hurt my feelings a bit.

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